Noble Coder Tool Help

The Noble Coder Tool can help you run Noble Coder on a directory of text documents using any terminology. You can either use pre-built terminologies for commonly used ontologies/terminologies like NCIT, NCIM or Snomed, or build custom terminologies that use select branches of other terminologies.

To use the tool you need to:

  1. Import a terminology to use. Select 'File > Import Terminology' from the menu.

  2. Select the input directory and the output directory. Click on the Browse button beside the text box to select a directory from the file system.

  3. Select the search strategy. Select 'Options > Runtime Options' from the menu.

  4. Click on 'Process Documents' to run Noble Coder. The output directory will have a tab delimited file with the results and a directory with html files that show the annotated text.

Exporting a terminology to OWL

You can use the Noble Coder tool to export your terminology into OWL format. That lets you use standard tools like Protege to manually edit it and then re-import it into Noble Coder.